Flagpole Climber –For your Safety and Integrity of the Flagpole

Have a flagpole that you can’t access? It may be tall or on top of the building or lakeside. So, you need a professional flagpole climber who can shimmy up a pole and try to fix it.

The comprehensive repair and installation carried out by well-experienced flagpole climber. As well as they do all type of works from ground to rooftop else anything in between. They check regularly all the parts of the flagpole by using rope access to carry out high-level inspection, repairs, and maintenance.  It is very cost-effective.

The flagpole climber specialists with 25 years of experience, they are insured to climb the flagpoles at every state. They help you to keep your flagpole insecure condition.

Flagpole Climber works includes:

  • The thorough visual inspection of the flagpole
  • Check all mounting hardware, base plates, anchor bolts, brackets in practical and safety possible
  • Clean and Pain for improving cosmetic appearance
  • Check all the working parts such as finial, cleat, and internal mechanism
  • Replace the ball, truck, Halyard if necessary

The climber also offers flag changing service like cleaning, regular removal, and repair and hoisting of flags.

The large flagpoles that require replacing any truck, pully, restring, ball, eagle, light, while you need a professional climber. They give complete installation and fixing service for you. If flagpole climbing inspection is over, they provide a complete record with photographic evidence of findings.

The flagpole climbing specialists take care of your all flagpole and fulfill your needs from installing replacement parts to restringing. Even the best flagpoles need maintenance and repair sometimes.

Climb Flagpole and offer steeplejack services for you!

If you make repair of hardware on top of the flagpole or replace gold balls, so climber has to cut the top of the pole and then use a pole top adapter like a cup that goes on to the pole. The top of the cup has to be threaded to stick a new truck or ball. If done all the installation process, climb back down.

Everything in between protects yourself and your flagpole with the flagpole climbing services. While climbing a flagpole, it’s like putting yourself in danger. Flagpoles should be maintained regularly and keep in safe. If flagpoles aren’t maintained regularly, accidents may happen due to weather conditions. So you recommend annual maintenance to keep a check on the safety of flagpole

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