Flagpole climber: How to hang properly banner and flagpoles?

It could be that the person is an entrepreneur who has launched a new marketing campaign to promote his brand of business or a product that he desires for everyone to see and be aware about. In such a case, it becomes crucial to put up tall banners or flag of the company within the building premises or at other places. But it is not easy to install the flags or the banner at the top of the pole, since it does require taking good amount of precaution from falling down and experience. Hence, this task is better left to the professional flagpole climber can carry out all types of installation services including tall flagpole service.

There are indeed numerous techniques and methods by which flags and banners are installed. Knowing them will help the person to take the right decision when hiring flagpole climber to carry out the task. The first type is between pole mounting. The professionals will make use of webbing having D-rings that are sewn onto the bottom and top seams or a rope. Then the rope is to be tied around the poles. The D-rings at the webbing ends are attached using bungee cords that are strung around poles or from those large eye screws. According to the specialists offering tall flagpole service, bungee cord mounting has been regarded to be a wonderful mounting technique. It allows the flag or the banner to move freely during high winds.

The second type is lawn mounting meant for temporary banners to be mounted on grassy areas. Here, Steel T-fence posts are to be placed into the ground. Heavy duty plastic wire or bungee cords can be used along with grommets for installation purpose.

The third type is fence mounting. Use zip ties or plastic wire ties through grommets, enclosing the links. Use similar method for the wooden fence like that of flat wooden wall.

The fourth type is ceiling mounting. The right way for hanging the banner or the flag from ceiling above the stage, auditorium or gym is to make use of pole pockets. These are openings which are sewn into bottom and top seams of banner, thus allowing metal pole or rigid PVC to get slid through it. Decorative rope, cable or wire is attached to pole top, to be hung from rafters above. Then, the pole inserted into bottom pocket for adding weight to banner, thus keeping it stationary or rigid.

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