Flagpole Etc the Top Flagpole Manufacturer and Seller in USA

Flagpole Etc, a family owned business in Michigan, is concerned with manufacture, sell and installation of flag, flagpoles and related accessories. Starting off with a small garage we gradually grew up over time and assumed our present form by virtue of continuous effort and perseverance. Today Flagpole Etc is one of the largest flagpole manufacturers in the entire nation.  Now we can boast of a giant warehouse coving 55000 sq. feet area and also a couple of store fronts in the city. The excellent quality of our product has earned us many renowned customers such as The People of Frankfort Kentucky, The University of Indiana, The Great Lakes National Cemetery as well as many others.

As pointed out at the very outset we are mainly flagpole professional and having a considerable experience in this domain. We have a number of well trained and well experienced installers who know their job very well. The combination of this skill and experience enable them to accomplish a task with a mark of perfection.

As a dedicated flagpole professional we provide a wide range of choices to our commercial flagpoles customers. There are several options for residential flagpoles customers as well. We supply varied types of flags intended for different purposes. Besides the national flag, there are state flags, world flags, military flags, sports flags, business flags as well as religious flags. Moreover you can also custom and order a self patterned flag to be used for personal purposes.

We can provide all kinds of flagpoles such as aluminum flagpoles, telescopic flagpoles, wooden flagpoles, fiberglass flagpoles, colossal flagpoles and more. So you can choose whichever best suits your purpose. Needless to mention at Flagpole Etc you will get all the necessary accessories related to flags and flagpoles such as balls, eagles, cable assembly, flash collars, counterweights, pulley units, winches, clam cleats and many more.

Besides flags and flagpoles and related accessories we also offer different kinds of light meant for these flagpoles. These lights are used to glow up the flags at night. Flagpole Etc also supplies different solar lights for flagpoles. This is not all we have to offer.  In addition to the above mentioned mainstream products we provide a number of other products as well. Some of them are advertising banner systems, basket ball systems, memorial cases etc.

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