Flexible basement posts for renovating and constructing a new home

All these models have been constructed and engineered to meet all the state, local and social building code requirements. These products have been tested by the Progressive Engineering Inc., the best independent Testing Agency. All the Fixed Post Columns that are manufactured is been installed in vertical plumb on a footing for carrying the extremely heavy load. The adjustable screw unit can be installed on the top or at the bottom of the column; the load does not affect the compressive strength and is encased in the concrete after the installation is completed. These fixed length steel support column are constructed only for the vertical compression loads. They are not still evaluated for the tension or lateral loading. The Standard and Heavy Duty Adjustable columns are formulated with an adjustable screw unit which is welded to one end of the pipe or tube with a steel plate welded to the other end of the pipe or tube.

The Extreme Duty, Standard Duty, Heavy Duty and Fixed steel columns are constructed with welding of a steel plate to both ends of a steel pipe or tube structure. The shape, size and style of the cap plate and base plate may vary according to the customers’ requirements. Schedule 40 mono posts are also available with CCMC certified at the measurement 10 ft. 4 in. The Cap plate and base plate may vary in its shape, size, style and thickness.

These variables can be controlled by local codes and code officials with the methods of attaching it to the footing pad or load carrying member or particular customer requirements. Therefore, the cap plate and base plate sizing and the method of attachment with all other fixers take the major responsibility of the purchaser as well as the installer of these products.

These fixed post column assemblies are manufactured with a painted finish. Paint being a water-based product it undergoes a 200-hour salt spray test. These products at the end are painted by tank dipping process. This Mono Post has long been known for its compliance, ease of installation, with the latest IRC and IBC Building Codes, and corrosion resistant powder coating. Constructed to be a permanent building column, they have durable steel for the safety purpose, stability and come fully assembled without any loose parts.

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