Follow These Ways To Lower Your Golf Handicap

Learning the game of golf is easy, but improving and mastering the game may take you a long time to achieve. There are a lot of things you need to know, and a lot of times you need to dedicate for you to excel in the sport. Your skill progress will depend on how you will take these factors seriously.

A room for improvement should be on your list of goals. To have it, you must have discipline and dedication. Without these two, then forget about improving and start to walk out of the golf course.

Now let’s start by lining up the important factors you need to know about lowering your Golf Handicap. From reading this, it’s up to you on how you will apply it to your own playing style.

Identify Your Weakness

To be able to progress, you must know where you lack confidence on your own skill. This will be the basis on where you will start forging those weaknesses into strength. Don’t let your weakness be your disappointment, let them be your inspiration to gain more confidence.

Routine Check

Building a good routine before you engage in playing Ghin Posting will get you into the mood and will give you a good rhythm. Try watching the PGA players before they hit the ball. They follow a certain routine, which gives them enough confidence before they take the actual shot. You can compare it to basketball players doing a free throw. Observe how they practice a shot. So, take your time for a little routine check before you swing your golf club.

Watch Your Form

Compress a towel between your left arm and body before hitting a drive. This is a good practice to keep your form when hitting the ball. You will notice the improvement if your follow-through stays the way as it should be, and the towel remains firmly lodged even if the ball is away.

Motion Control

To help you increase your striking rate, use as little body motion as possible. Minimize your head movement, as well as your shoulders and knees. Unnecessary movement of your body and swinging wildly as if your life depends on it will only turn your game-play into a bad one. Always remember to keep a good and relax body motion.

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