For Maharaja Style Travel In India, The Maharajas Express Is Your Best Bet

There’s traveling, and then there is traveling. The first entails dusty, crowded platforms and the common masses sweating and laboring under the scathing hot sun, quarreling over petty matters and in general, being miserable themselves and spreading it around.

On the other hand is a Maharaja luxury train. It is a stately train that is far from the crowds. It is the sign to the world that you have arrived, and in such grandeur. It has warm, attentive service right from the moment you set foot inside the platform, and mind you, there are no stragglers inside, just sheer luxury from the get go.


Luxe on demand

The world of luxury is ever expanding and ever evolving. It is dynamic and adaptable to the unique needs of the user. If a super luxurious home is the diamond in the crown, can travel be left far behind? Nope. Ever since trains made their appearance on the travel circuit, there have been grand versions of them especially made for the high and mighty who did not want to rub shoulders with the hoi-polloi.

And why not? The world’s divided into the haves and the have-nots. If you have it, flaunt it! The newest name in the world of opulence is the Maharajas Express – an extravagant means of travel for those who want everything to be a cut above.

Features unlimited

This train is indulgence overloaded. It carries only 84 passengers in magnificently designed coaches, each with a special name of its own. Every single cabin is equipped with LCD TV, individual temperature control, DVD player, internet, Direct Dial Telephone, and many other amenities. The appearance of the entire train is like a royal train of the old times, but it is armed to the teeth with modern facilities that take all the guests to the olden times while keeping them in touch with the real world too.

There are two dining rooms – each offering both international and national cuisines to the guests. These have been prepared by chefs of repute to ensure that each morsel is indeed divine. The crockery and cutlery are fine crystal and the napery matches that exquisiteness of ambience.

Post the daily excursions, if the guests seek relaxation over drinks, there are two bar salons at their disposal. Their names are the Safari Bar and the Rajah Club. On offer is a super fine selection of the choicest liqueurs and spirits.

For those that want to take their memories of the trip along, there is a souvenir store onboard that houses many unique items reminiscent of the magnificence of India.

All this is but a scratch on the surface of what Indian hospitality is all about. For those interested in living like a maharajah, even if for a few days, the best bet would be to book a trip aboard this opulent train and see for themselves what the fuss is all about.

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