Get aware of the reasons behind filthy swimming pools

Let your worries flow with the water and refreshes you mood to start a new day.

Does cleaning your swimming pool becomes the nightmare? Keep calm. Corona Pool Service is one stop solution for all the related problems. Sometime we all wonder that why our swimming pools are not much clear as they have to be. The reason behind this could be many; either it occurs due to feces, bacteria or parasite. Keeping the pool clean, safe and efficient attracts many people, especially in summer.


Reasons behind filthy pools

Who does like to swim in a dirty pool? No one, we guess! There are several reasons that can lead to unclean pools.

  1. Algae

Through wind, rain or contaminated swim suits, algae spores can constantly enters in the pool. If the conditions are suitable to the algae, it starts growing within some hours only. The conditions like lack of balance water, warm temperature, direct sunlight and presence of nitrates/ phosphates and/or carbon dioxide promote the growth of algae.

  1. By-product of chlorine

 At the time we entered the swimming pool, we add sweat, fecal matter, sunscreen and lotion inside the water. To clear all these products, chlorine is generally added in the pool. But, if there is a strong odor of chlorine present that doesn’t indicate positive thing about the pool.

  1. Pee in the pool

It is disgusting to hear. But, many people have admitted that they generally pee in the swimming pool at the time of emergency. This causes unhealthy environment and the urine leads to interference in chemically treated pool.

  1. Presence of Giardia

Generally giardia is present as a microscopic parasite, responsible for causing diarrhea. This is usually grown on soil, food or water. If a person swallows the giardia cysts, he/she is definitely going to fall ill. There are different routes of its spread, but water is the most common one.

  1. Cryptosporidium (crypto)

Present in the form of parasite, Cryptosporidium is recognized for causing diarrheal disease known as cryptosporidiosis. When talk about the causes of swimming pool untidiness, Cryptosporidium name comes on the top.

  1. Bacteria E. coli

According to the new studies, the reason behind prowling in the pool water is bacteria. This generally grows in water due to fecal matter. Bacteria are the reason behind many diseases and can be cured under proper vigilance.

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