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Palm readers can easily tell you if you are a strong-willed person or stubborn by nature. The chirognomy is mainly related to human intelligence, courage, fearfulness, willpower, glory and even material success. This is usually studied through palm reading. But before deciding a palm reader, you should confirm whether he is actual palm reader or not. Many people have started palm reading as a business without sufficient knowledge. They are just earning money through it.

Various types of hand

Every face is not equal in the world. As faces are not equal in the same way palms are also different. There are different types of palms, on the basis of that palm readers make analyses.  Palms are also different. This hand has been divided into different parts according to different palm readers.

  • The name elementary hands have been given to labor class people. Hands of manual workers fall into this category. These hands are usually with short fingers and thick in look. Skin of the hand looks pale and rough.
  • Square palm looks square in shape. There is always the equal length of palm and fingers. There is always the moderate size of thumb as well. Nails are not square in shape. These type of persons are always practical in nature and do not rely on long interpretations.
  • Conic hands are called beautiful hands among all types of hands. These hands are having taping shape and look like a cone that is why they are known as the conic hand. These hands are also known as artistic hands.
  • Philosophical hands are fairly thin, long, skinny, and angular with complicated joints. These persons are highly studious by nature. This kind of people loves to do sedentary work. These people are spiritual and religious by nature.

Palm readers usually analyze future of customers by analyzing the different types of hands. Next time, if you are thinking of visiting a palm reader, just confirm from other customers about the reality of that palm reader because there are so many palm readers who have just opened the business without any knowledge. So be aware of this fraud.

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