Gimify: Marketing for f&b business

Gimify uses Wi-Fi marketing as a source for promoting business. They help your business to acquire more audience and hence help with the promotion of your company using social marketing. Specialized in f&b marketing, beauty & wellness, and retails, they handle the marketing of your products with utmost care and sensitivity, you will be left wondering how a product can be so well portrayed. Without a single penny from your pocket for self -marketing, you can handover your advertising to gimify for an affordable cost. You can focus your attention in dealing with your customers while they handle your customer traffic. You don’t have to put any efforts on marketing your products. Leave it to them.

Marketing over the internet or social media have become a common trend in business and this has become an effective means of communication. When we think of marketing, we realize the amount of penny we have to spend and how the finances can be restricted at certain times. The field of advertising is now developing quickly and business has to change according to the changes in the industry. This strategy of using Wi-Fi and social advertising is a need of the hour and it has been testified to produce better results than traditional means of marketing and advertising.

The company now comes with customer rewards and this has made things even better for you as a retailer. All you have to do is leave your marketing to them, sit back and see the flow of customers to your industry. Customer rewards is always attractive, but may not always be efficient. With gimify solutions, loyalty and sales go hand in hand. ‘Install and forget’ as said by one of their satisfied clients, they handle your client traffic and lets your business boom without you having to lift a finger.

Customer retention is yet another specialty of this company. You are sure to be so satisfied with your services that you will keep coming for more. You can be assured of their loyalty when you begin to use their services. They provide loyalty programs for small businesses and when you are rewarded despite the size of your product, things are sweeter than ever. The list of satisfied customers shall testify for the same. The services catered are beyond average and the efficiency rate is high. Customer satisfaction is a priority and they do nothing to compromise the same.

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