Go-to Places for Finest Drinks near Luxury Vacation Rentals New Orleans

A beautiful city in Louisiana, New Orleans is known for its uplifting music, delicious cuisine with vibrant dining, annual celebrations and festivals, French and Spanish Architecture, and comfortable Vacation Home Rentals New Orleans LA. While spending days in the warmest atmosphere of the city, there are fascinating go-to places for unique and tasty drinks.

New Orleans Spots for Go-to Drinks:

Erin Rose –

A Frozen Irish Coffee or Bloody Mary, the choice is yours but both drinks are worth a shot. The places are known for those drinks, and even people from the next town came for the drinks. Besides, you can also explore the French Quarter on foot while enjoying the drinks.

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop –

While Exploring the French Quarter, you can give a try to Purple Drink of Lafitte or formally known with the name “Voodoo Daiquiri” and make your way down the busy corridor.

Cane and Table –

Restaurant and Bar, which is famous for the Cocktail program. They serve craft cocktail drinks in the Pineapple and Coconut, which you can take them in the French Market or Jackson Square for enjoying a deadly combination of nature and beverages.

Besides, the Luxury Vacation Rentals New Orleans is just a few steps away from the Restaurants, Bar, Nightlife and beautiful sightseeing. You can visit the Bar and ask them to pack your drinks, and you can enjoy them at your rentals while relaxing on decks or bed.

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