Good Facial Massage: The Path to Younger Looking Skin

1Just as a body massage comes with great benefits, a facial massage intensifies circulation for the face. Giving the face a good massage allows for oxygen and blood circulation in the skin; this does not only reduce the puffiness of the face but it also gives the face a dewy glow. Collagen production will also be maximized; which helps to deter the formation of wrinkles. It is basically called a “natural face lift”.

An additional benefit of facial massage includes the relief of tension. Similar to how exercising makes our body feel and look better, facial massages can also do the same to your face. The massages work the facial muscles by releasing tension while the skin is being lifted and made firmer.

These simple steps which targets 3 areas of the face can improve facial appearance when the right products and techniques are used:

JAWLINE & CHEEKS: use the pad of your fingers to massage the jawline, chin and cheeks in an upward circular direction.

FOREHEAD:  use your fingertips to smoothen the forehead with a firm lifting movement from the eyebrows and finishing up at the hairline. Then, use the pads of your fingers to make small circular movements from in-between the eyebrows, to the temples.

EYES:  by alternating your pinky fingers, gently tap the tender skin beneath the inner eye.

Remember that all you need is just a few minutes daily to unlock the code of the gentle, tender and younger looking face.  You can as well visit Bellezza Aesthetics, an award winning facial massage company to add a professional touch to the facial treatment.

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