Happy Tails Grooming- Making the dogs happy

If you want your dog to stay healthy and look beautiful, you can prefer coming to us.

Dogs are man’s best friend, and we have been using them for many centuries as guard dogs, hunting dogs and more. They are considered as the best companion for humans, and they are the animals who never asks for anything else in return. A well-trained dog is used by the armed forces for protecting against certain threats. In many tribal cultures, dogs are used for hunting purposes and other uses dogs to guard their homes. They are truly the best companions humans ever found. Therefore, it is time for us to provide them with equal treatment and respect. Dog grooming salon Jacksonville Florida offers with some of the best dog grooming services to the dogs where all their needs regarding the grooming are taken care with. We are the experienced personnel who are in this business for many years now and knows how to deal with every kind of dogs.


Dog grooming Jacksonville FL provides with best offers for the dog owners and the services we provide for the dogs are first class. We care for dogs, and dog groomer Jacksonville Florida provides the dogs with some best range of grooming sessions from cleaning, nails clipping, hygiene check and more. The products we use are 100% dog-friendly, and no reactions to the product usage are guaranteed. That is; the products we use are not chemically induced and does not do harm when comes in direct contact with a dog. Your dog is our dog, and we take care of it like it is ours. The full grooming session proceeds with full care and caution as if something goes wrong; the dog might harm you or end up harming itself. The type of grooming services we provide is full cleaning, special cuts, proper hygiene checks, skin treatments and much more.

Dog groomer Southside Jacksonville Florida also provides services in taking care of the abandoned dogs. We sometimes get rare cases where the dog is we groom abandoned from the family or is in worst condition as its owner treated him badly. Dog grooming Mandarin Jacksonville FL looks after these dogs too. We check for allergies, fleas, parasites and other outer phenomenon affected to a dog. We can make your dogs the cleanest and fresh smelling free of all the infections and properly groomed fur.

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