Here are the top reasons people read fantasy fiction books

Fiction Stories OnlineThere are a number of good fantasy book series out there. But what exactly is it that make fantasy fiction books so appealing to so many people? Here are the top reasons.

  1. Fiction helps give people the escapism they desperately crave. Fantasy is escapism in motion as it is the perfect gateway that lets us escape our miserable little live even if the escape is temporary, It takes us into the worlds where the most impending catastrophe in life is the next alien invasion, rather than the deadline hanging over our heads; where the villain that needs to be overcome has slits for eyes and does not remind us of the break up we are trying to get over; where every problem might not have an easy solution, but it does have a magical one.
  2. A lot of us crave magic in our lives. It is the reason why fairy tales exist as well as the reason why we wanted Santa Claus to be real when we were kids. It is a primitive instinct which is usually brutally crushed by adulthood and the need to ‘get real’, and fantasy allows us to, however temporarily think about magic.
  3. Many of the good fantasy book series are at their core a story of what it is like to be human. Escapism is fantastic. But it has a limited shelf life. The best kind of fantasies, in books, movies or TV shows, are usually the ones that deal with real human tragedies, real human pain, real human sacrifices, human bonds etc. This  is done even when operating in a strictly unreal realm as we can relate to their emotions. Because while we may not have to sell our souls to save our loved ones on a daily basis, we do make sacrifices for the people we care for. All of us deal with the emotional mess that is human relationships. We struggle to walk down the thin line of balance every day. Watching our heroes do the same, despite all their superhero abilities, is quite comforting to a lot of people. Their stories offer us the rationalization and validation that we all occasionally seek, neatly packaged in an attractive, shiny package of magic and adventure.

Those are some of the reasons that make fantasy fiction books extremely popular among people of all ages. It provides the escapism we so much crave while still being relatable.

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