Here are the various types of Michigan psychics

There are a number of different types of people with the psychic abilities. If you are looking for a Michigan psychic, you need to know what exactly is the type of psychic you need to go to. Here are some of the different types of Michigan psychics.

  • Psychic-The word psychic in a general sense refers to one who uses no tools. They simply tell you what they see. Some psychics may wish to hold your hand or an object to get a “vibe” (this is called psychometry), some may be able to see your “aura”.   Psychics can be clairvoyant (able to “see”), clairaudient (able to hear), clairsentient (able to feel) or a combination of many different feeling senses.  There are also some psychics who able to “talk to your guides” or angels.
  • Medium – These psychics talk to the dead. This type of psychic is who you want to look for if you are looking to connect with a departed loved one.
  • Channel – A channel is a person who goes into a trance and becomes “possessed” by a spirit, entity or guide who talks through them.
  • Pet Psychic or Animal Communicator – This type of psychic works with animals. He or she may be able to help you in understanding your pet. Some also are mediums who can talk to deceased pets.
  • Astrologer – An astrologer constructs a chart based on your birthdate, a chart that may reveal personality traits, karmic patterns, problems, compatibility and more. They may also look at the current transits of the planets and decipher how that makes an impact on your life.  Astrologers are great when it comes to timing.  If you are thinking about picking a date to open up a business or to get a surgery, an astrologer can be extremely important.
  • Tarot Reader – Tarot readers use tarot cards and look at the patterns in order to find out what it means for you. There are many variants, including therapeutic tarot readings, interactive tarot readings to intuitive, esoteric and more. Don’t assume a tarot reader is going to have psychic abilities as some claim that they simply read the cards.
  • Dream Interpreter – These people may or may not be psychic. They have a special gift for understanding dreams.
  • Past Life Regressionist – They help you learn more about past lives. If you want to learn more about your past life, you may want to seek the services of a past life regressionist.

Those are some of the common types of psychics you may find. There are a number of Michigan psychics you may find who fit in these categories.  Make sure you are going to the right type of Michigan psychic.

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