How a Super Top Up Health Insurance Plan Works?

Individual Health Insurance Plans

Super Top Up Health Insurance plans works on the basis of the cost-sharing method in which policyholder promises to bear medical expenses up to a deductible limit. The insurance company comes into picture and bears medicinal cost provided the expenses cross the deductible limit.

How to File a Super Top Up Health Insurance Claim?

A basic policy is unable to fulfill all the medical requirements. So a Super Top Up Health Insurance plan is important which will pay the amount which crossed the threshold limit of deductibles.

Following steps must be followed in order to file a Super Top Up Health Insurance Claims:

• Inform the insurance company in case of hospitalization, emergency.

• Complete the claim form. Fill all the necessary details

• The claim form has to be submitted along with the original bills (hospital, medicinal bills and consultation bills, etc.) Take copies of the bills, for your reference. This would ensure that you also have the proof and you can even submit it to other Insurance companies, in case of two claims.

• You will receive a summary of claim settlement after the first company reimburses the claim

• Make sure all the copies of the bills are attested

• For another insurance company claim, fill in the claim form again

• Send them a letter regarding the claim which is already made along with claim form, copies of attested hospital bills also attach a summary of claim settlement

• This is usually a process of 3 to 4 weeks.

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