How Buying Air Tickets Online Has Become Easy

Booking a flight ticket on your own is much easier these days. Searching for a reliable travel agent, taking an appointment with them, spend a few hours discussing and calculating the best fares for your planned routing is all history now.  Internet has enabled you to browse, login, and finalize and buy your air tickets online. Some of the benefits you have include considerable savings of money and time by booking online.

The primary advantage of booking air tickets online is the flexibility. There are no specific timings. In the earlier days, if you had to visit a travel agent or airline office it had to be done during the day.  It disturbs your work schedule. It was manageable in those days as the frequency of flights was less and you had limited choices.


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In contrast, browsing for air tickets online can be done anytime from anywhere. You can visit an airline portal on your personal computer in your office or at home. You could be a group of friends or relatives travelling. Each of you can simultaneously login to the agent portal website to complete your tour itinerary.

Download the app on your mobile

The online reservation system is very convenient. These portals have a mobile-friendly app that allows you to approach their site even when you are not on your personal computer. The apps work fast and are easily navigable. In fact, you get prompts at each point as to what is to be done next.


Booking air tickets online has a simple and easy process. Rather than spend time talking over the phone and noting down the flight details on a paper, you can view the details on your browser, bookmark it for future reference, take a print out if necessary.

How to browse a portal is listed below.

  1. Enter the boarding destination and your landing destination
  2. You will be asked to select if you require a one-way or return ticket.
  3. Choose your travel dates i.e. your onward flight date and return flight date from the calendar on your screen.
  4. Instantly the complete list of flights as per timings is flashed on your screen. Select the one that you find convenient. It will also show the duration of the flight.
  5. The fare details are then displayed with a breakup of the fare, convenience charges, and applicable taxes.

All the above steps can be done in 5 quick steps. You can also go back to the previous step in case you wish to make a change.

Incentives for you

The travel portals offer you some cashback or credit your account with some cash into your wallet when you download and register with them. Buying air tickets online can be cheaper for you if you settle the invoice using a credit card or some online digital payment system.

However, it is important to note, any alteration to the bookings will attract amendment fees. Some portals insist on you to make a fresh booking and payment for the new dates while they refund you the previous transactions by crediting your account within 3 to 5 working days.

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