How can lasik laser treatment in San Antonio Improve Vision Problems?

Custom Vue Lasik is among the popular laser procedures that are performed upon the patients to correct vision.


One popular treatment desired by many professionals in San Antonio is lasik treatment to correct their vision problems. This type of surgery eliminates or reduces the need for wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses. Laser procedures when undertaken at the leading eye care center will help correct problems that are caused by imperfectly shaped cornea. Lasik can also help correct refractive errors, which causes blurred image. Even healthy eyes tend to face refractive errors.

Make an informed decision by discussing with our Lasik coordinator and eye surgeon, Lisa Martén, M.D. who received the San Antonio Business Journal’s top Healthcare Hero of the Year 2016 award on behalf of South Texas Eye Institute which is an ophthalmology cornea and refractive specialty eye center in the San Antonio region.

Receive comprehensive testing to determine what refractive procedure is best for you.  Basically, we test the four refractive error types that can be present. The first is near myopia or nearsightedness. Closer objects may appear sharp, however, the objects in the distance will appear blurred. The second is hyperopia or farsightedness. In this case, distance objects will be seen clearly, but closer objects will get blurred. The third is Astigmatism, where objects get blurred at all distances. The fourth is aging eye or Presbyopia. In this case, the eye tends to lose its capability to change focus due to natural aging process. It takes place usually between the ages of 40 and 50 and is quite common among both men and women. This can be corrected by monovision refractive surgery. Distance and near vision correction can be made clearer by lasik, PRK, or Visian ICL laser treatment, but is not possible.

There are different types of laser eye surgery performed in San Antonio. Custom Vue Lasik also known as laser in-situ keratomileusis is considered to be the most popular one by patients to correct their vision and reduce dependence on glasses or contacts. It is regarded to be a procedure which changes the cornea shape, which is the eye front’s clear covering. It will be wise to undergo this kind of surgical procedure only at reputable eye care center that has employed experienced, board certified doctors in the field.

The other type is PRK which is photo refractive keratectomy. This type of surgical procedure uses laser for removing the outer covering of the cornea to reshape it. This refractive surgery type gently reshapes the cornea. PRK may take a few days or a couple of weeks before the vision stabilizes and you notice eyesight improvements, compared to Lasik surgery, which allows you to pursue lifestyle activities within a few days to even a day after surgery. Both the above types of eye care surgery are performed at the leading eye care center and offers relief and satisfaction to the patients.

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