How critical is Information Security?

Network-based protection has made the businesses information quite vulnerable to attacks while the migration to hybrid cloud and private domains is imminently executed by IT security service providers. The ever-changing cyber-threat landscape poses a critical challenge of keeping data secure whilst the evolving complexity of cyber threats whether a virus attack, cyber-fraud or espionage is getting intricate and daunting.

Regardless of the growing complexity of operations and magnanimity of enterprise networks, organizations still continue to jeopardize the security and as per 2018 State of Application Delivery (SOAD) report as many as 36% of businesses have only 25% of their applications secured.

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Guiding Principles of Infosec: CIA

Information security is designed to protect the enterprise assets – digital and non-digital in every format from spiteful intentions. The core objectives ensure that confidential and sensitive information is made accessible to only authorized party (confidential), ward off unsanctioned data modification (Integrity) and ensure the data availability to all the authorized party as and when required (availability), commonly referred to as the CIA triad. Infosec is a blanket term that encompasses compliance, risk and protection from unauthorized access, usage, expose, disruption, changes or ruining of the network and the data.

For confidentiality of information, the critical aspect is encryption to ensure only authorized personnel can access and decode the information. As an alternative, information can be kept confidential through enforced permission and access control to sensitive information to restrict the accessibility.

Integrity entails protecting the information from unauthorized personnel since information holds value only if it is accurate. Cryptography is the key to keep the information integral through securely hashing the original message.

Availability is conducive and valued when the information is made accessible to the right people at the time they need, and backup is the key to it to ward off disruption and destruction.

Security Imminent to be part of Organizational Culture

Fostering data security for business assurance is indispensable. Infosec cannot happen in silos, it is a shared endeavor to be incorporated into the organizational culture. Be it, employees, business partners or other stakeholders, personnel with access to sensitive data should not view security as an added cost burden; rather, awareness about cyber-attacks and threats should be the top priority even for casual technology users in an organization.

A minor security lapse can result in serious security risks that have the capability to jeopardize business operations and result in a serious loss. Business enterprises must accept and proactively initiate security implementations.

CMS IT Proposition

Research suggests that nearly 90% of enterprise breaches could be prevented through proper monitoring. Having a dedicated Security Operations Centre (SOC) is an enormous challenge due to set-up costs, time and efforts, and the shortage of experts. Our SOCs at Bangalore and Mumbai offices are robust with the in-house skilled expertise to take care of all types of business information security needs providing advanced IT Security managed services.

CMS IT’s Integrated Information Security framework includes IT security consulting services too that revolves around process-driven human intelligence managing best-in-class technologies with better business service SLAs and security SLAs. We automate the processes through our end-to-end Artificial Intelligence as well. We offer solutions to complex business enterprise network securities through consistent and efficient tailored infosec services to cater to the organizational security goals and requirements.

As one of India’s top IT services firms, CMS IT is a leading IT security service provider with complete solutions to large corporations across all sectors, including banking, insurance, retail, telecom and manufacturing. We provide new, cost-effective and cutting-edge IT infrastructure solutions that are reliable, resilient and responsive, thereby rated as one of best IT security managed services partner by our clients.


In today’s sprawling global networking and digital world, App security contributes a major share in the reputation management. Businesses need to deliver services with higher speed, adaptive functionality with utmost security.

Excessive connectivity, governance pressure and sky-rocketing customer expectations are all together having a major impact on the modus operandi of companies to proactively address the alarming risks to their network security from all quarters. Whether financial services or retail sector, digital transformation landscape is the key driver to all the applications.

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