How heart specialists in Coimbatore ensure positive results during a CABG surgery – Dr Om Prakasham

What is coronary artery bypass graft or CABG surgery performed by heart specialists in Coimbatore such as Dr. Om Prakasham? Why it is necessary? Let us find answers to these questions in the next few sections.

What is coronary artery bypass graft or CABG surgery?

In case, arteries supplying blood known as coronary arteries get lined with plaque or get blocked then blood flow through them will reduce. In such situation, muscles in the heart will not be getting optimum level of blood to function properly.

The result will be that the heart will not be able to pump normally and may well result in heart failure.

The CABG Surgery

In this surgery, cardiologist doctors in Coimbatore utilize technique of blood vessel graft for bypassing one or multiple coronary arteries which are blocked. The surgery helps in restoring blood flow towards muscles in the heart.

The graft performed by Dr. Om Prakasham and other surgeons goes around blocked arteries to create new pathways from where blood can flow towards heart muscles.

Cardiologist doctors in Coimbatore take the graft from patient’s veins and arteries in chest, arms, or leg.

Determination of Problem

Before surgery is performed, heart specialists in Coimbatore try to determine whether coronary artery disease is the primary reason behind heart failure. Doctors also try to examine if this type of surgery will be appropriate for the patient or not.

It is worth mentioning here that surgical risk is higher for someone with a heart failure at the time of CABG surgery but, top heart specialists in Coimbatore utilize right procedures to reduce risks so that outcomes can be improved.


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