How much do you know Buddhism?

Buddhism is considered to be one of the most favoured religions in the world and is continually being supported by majority of the population all across the globe.


Known to be the one that is very ardently followed by approximately 300 million people from the nook and corner of this world, Buddhism is a word that has been derived from ‘budhi’, ‘to awaken’. It has been commenced at around 2500 years ago at the time of the enlightenment attained by Siddhartha Gotama and that too at the age of 35 years. You can indulge in the Secret Buddha Tour with an intention of knowing the best about the non-violent religion of Buddhism.

Is it really a religion?

For millions of people all across the globe, Buddhism is not just a sole religion but it is way too more than that. According to them it is simply a way of life and truly a way of living the life to its fullest. The Resort in Yangshuo Guilin gives you a facility of being an indispensible part of the very innovating as well as the informative Secret Buddha Tour with an intention of letting you find your inner positive thoughts in a highly serene environment.

There exist three moral principles of Buddhism:

  • It leads to a life that is undoubtedly a moral one.
  • It enables the followers be quite mindful and also be aware of the varied facts as well as actions.
  • It also lets the followers have a sense of understanding and freedom too.

How can Buddhism be helpful?

Buddhism is no less than a satisfaction for each one of its followers and undoubtedly, you are going to be a passionate leader of your life in case; you are its ardent follower. The highly positive aura of this religion is surely going to facilitate you with an inner satisfaction as well as pure happiness. If you really want to have an experience of the tranquillity that lies in Buddhism, then you can surely participate in the tour relating to Buddha provided by the Resort in Yangshuo Guilin that will be given in the Xing- Ping town.

What is the reason behind Buddhism’s growing popularity?

Buddhism needs no reason for its increasing popularity since it is truly worthy of the same and simultaneously, its popularity is ever increasing especially in the western countries. Since it is a really deep understanding especially of the human minds along with facilitating them with the true happiness, this is one of a kind.

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