How to Create a Braided Chain Headband

Adding alittle bling to your New Year’s Eve ensemble doesn’t need glitter and rhinestones. If a minimalist approach is additional your vogue, attempt mistreatment chain to feature a gala bit to your look. The mixture of various metal finishes during this band DIY creates a noteworthy visual while not being too loud. Combine it with a cultured LBD or a celebration dress in any color you prefer. Once the vacations area unit over, you’ll be able to wear the headscarf for the remainder of the year.

Braided Chain Headband
– 11.5-inch chain (3 strands in several finishes)
– 12mm jump rings (2)
– Craft scissors
– 3-in-1 pliers
– Hot glue gun
– 3/8 inch-wide ribbon (at least four inches long)
– 3/8 stitching elastic (at least fifteen inches long)
The specified chain length and elastic measurements yield a 23-inch completed band. to create it smaller or larger, change your chain and stitching elastic consequently.
1. Attach all 3 strands of chain to 1 jump ring.
2. Cut a bit of ribbon activity one.5 inches long. Add a dot of hot glue to the middle.
3. Place the strands of chain directly onto the glue, aspect by aspect.
4. Place a dot of glue on prime of the chains, and press one aspect of the ribbon onto it.
5. Add a dot of glue to the loose fringe of the ribbon and fold it over the opposite aspect. Press gently to stick it.
6. Braid the strands of chain.
7. Continue passementerie till you reach the tip.
8. Trim the chain ends if necessary to even them out. Attach all 3 chains to a different jump ring.
9. Repeat Steps two through five to secure the opposite finish of the chains with ribbon.
10. Trim the tip of the stitching elastic at a pointy angle.
11. Slide it through the jump ring on one finish in order that regarding an in. extends through the ring.
12. Place a dot of glue on the elastic right below the jump ring.
13. Fold the tip over to secure it. Repeat on the alternative aspect.
If you aren’t a follower of the mixed metal combination, be happy to stay to 1 end like silver or copper. The key to creating this band work is mistreatment chains of comparable dimension and elegance. you’ll be able to even get super artistic with it and add a strand of thread, ribbon or cloth into the mix!

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