How to Create an Outdoor Garden Box

A tour to the hardware store is all it takes for a weekend Dyer to make a garden box. Whether you are searching to plant a small aromatic plant garden or want to start to growing your own vegetables, the steps are basically the same for any size box, big or small.
The following tutorial will explain you how to make a simple 5-by-5, bottomless outdoor garden box, 1 foot deep.

How to Create an Outdoor Garden Box
Things You’ll Need for Make Outdoor Garden
• Miter saw
• 1-by-6 cedar boards, 8 feet long, 4
• Waterproof interior wood glue, 1 bottle
• Nail gun
• Nails
• Cordless drill
• 1/8 inch drill bit, 1
• Torx drive bit (sometimes included in the screws box), 1
• No. 8 by 1 5/8 star drive coated screws, 1 box
• 2 -by- 5 premium kiln dried whitewood board, 8 feet long, 1
• 1 -by- 5 whitewood furring strip board, 12 feet long, 1
• Rooster wire
• Grille slats
Collect the Frames:-
Step 1: Slash the Boards
Using the saw, Slash four pieces 48 inches long out of two one-by-six cedar boards and four pieces 46.5 inches long out of the other two one-by-sixes.
Step 2: Join the Boards
Join a line of stick on the narrow side of the board and join one 46.5-inch piece on the inside corner of one 48-inch piece, making a 90-degree angle. Adding the shorter piece on the inside of the board will build the total length of the box 47.5 inches because we are adding the thickness of the other board to that length 47.5 inches.
Later than the boards are aligned in a perfect 90-degree angle, Staple nail them with the nail gun. We do this to carry on the boards in place while handling.
Take the drill and make a hole in the attached boards to make holes for the screws.
Change the bit on the drill to a driver bit and proceed to add the screws in the drilled holes.
Step 3: Repeat Step 2
Repeat Step 2 for the next three corners, making sure that you are joining the next 46.5-inch piece on the reverse side of the other 46.5-inch piece, always placing it toward the inside of the box.
When all four sides are joined, you will have a 48-by-47.5-by -6 inch box. Repeat the method a second time. You will have two boxes 48 by 47.5 by 6 inches each.
Append the Two Frames Together:-
Using a large floor space, place one of your assembled boxes on top of the other to make a box 1 foot deep. Align all four corners.

Step 1: Slash the Braces
Using the saw, slash four 12-inch pieces out of one 8-foot premium dried whitewood two-by-four. These will be the stimulating pieces to combine the two boxes.
Step 2: Join the Braces
Take one 12-inch piece of two-by-four and add a giving total of waterproof glue to one of the 4-inch sides of the board.
Insert a line of waterproof glue on the 2-inch side of that same board.
Attach the piece to one of the corners of the box. Hold fixed with one hand and drills the external sides.
Secure with six screws. Confirm that the screws go through the box and the braces.
Step 3: Repeat Steps 1 and 2
Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for the next three corners.
Assemble the Top Lip:-
To provide the box a nice completed look.
Step 1: Slash the Strips
Adjust the saw to cut 45-degree angles. When in place, cut four pieces 49.5 inches long out of one 12-foot long one-by-four strip board.
Step 2: Join the strips
Get one 49.5-inch mitered piece and add a strip of waterproof glue to the thickness side.
Join this piece to the end of another 49.5-inch mitered piece to form a 90-degree angle. Protected with nails.
Step 3: Drill and Secure
Using the drill, make one hole on each top side of the boards. Change the drill bit to a screw bit and screw in two screws (one on each side).
Step 4: Repeat Steps 2 and 3
Repeat Steps 2 and 3 with the other two boards to create a square frame.
Join the Top Lip:-
Step 1: Apply Glue
Add a total of waterproof wood glue over the whole (top) edge of the garden box.
Arrange in a line the frame on top of the box, leaving a 3/4-inch make public.
Step 2: Nail the Frame
Tack nail all four corners and at the 24 3/4-inch point of the board, 1 1/8 inches from the outside edge. This will hold the frame in place until the glue dries.
Step 3: Locating and Filling
Your outdoor garden box with a top lip is completed. Choose on a location before filling with dirt and plants.

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