How to Create an Oversized Tassel Necklace

Tassels became a well-established part of DIY jewellery. These fun and flirty elaborations ar straightforward to form and need solely a couple of cheap materials. Keep reading to envision a way to build your own adornment and rework it into homemade statement jewelry.

Oversized Tassel Necklace
Required Things:
– Scrap cardboard (2 x three inches)
– Eight to 10mm jump ring
– Massive metal bead
– Adjustable ring blank with loop
– Head pin
– Embroidery threads (1 skein)
– 3-in-1 jewellery pliers
– Scissors
– Chain (about thirty inches) + jump ring
An adjustable ring blank with a loop is usually used for making rings with charms. You’ll be able to notice these on Ebay, and generally at your native craft store.
1. Hold the embroidery thread against the cardboard, putting the top at very cheap.
2. Begin tightly wrapping the thread round the cardboard.
3. Wrap it round the cardboard thirty to forty five times, in keeping with however thick you wish the adornment.
4. Gently open the ring blank.
5. Slip the opened ring blank beneath the thread bunch. Make certain you are doing this on the aspect that doesn’t embrace the top of the thread.
6. Shut the ring.
7. Rotate it therefore the loop faces outward.
8. Fastidiously take away the whole bunch from the cardboard.
9. Place AN 8-inch strand of thread beneath the adornment, right below the ring blank.
10. Tie a decent knot, wrap the ends round the adornment, and tie another knot. Repeat another time, and then trim the surplus thread.
11. To finish the adornment, use the scissors to chop very cheap.
12. Add the massive metal bead to the top pin. Trim the top pin victimization the cutting portion of the pliers, effort a trifle quite 1/4 of an in..
13. Use the round-nosed tips to make a loop.
14. Attach it to the ring blank/tassel pendant.
15. Attach the eight or 10mm jump ring to the highest of the metal bead.
16. Add the pendant to the chain.
17. If you haven’t already, connect the ends of the chain with a smaller jump ring.
Now you’re able to rock your fresh jewelry.

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