How to create concerned Jean Shorts from Old Jeans

There are so many times when you have a huge pair of jeans that get shattered on the bottom or acquire a stain. Hold onto them to turn them into your greatest fitting concerned denim shorts!

How to create concerned Jean Shorts from Old Jeans
Things You’ll Need
• Denim jeans
• Chalk
• Exacto knife
• Tweezers
Step 1:-
Sketch a line with chalk along the pant leg to guide your cut. Make sure you leave a few inches below the crotch seam and cut at an upward angle so it wears evenly.
Step 2:-
Cut leg along the line and place on the other pant leg.
Step 3:-
Re-trace the cut with chalk so that both sides will be equally cut.
Step 4:-
Use your hands to pull and fray the bottoms. You can fray as much or little as you like. Optional: Spray with fray check to prevent further fraying.
Step 5:-
Lift the pant leg up and either slide a piece of cardboard below or hold the fabric suspended in the air. Build horizontal slices in the denim a quarter to a half inch apart.
Step 6:-
Using your tweezers pull white strands out and apart to make concerned patches. Repeat as desired. You can do short multiple stokes for the distressed lines along the sides.
Step 7:-
You can distress the back pockets as well and add more as you go along.
Step 8:-
Wear your homemade concerned denim shorts all summer long.

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