How to Create DIY Twisted Turban Headband

I have 1,000 and one scarves in my closet and that I wasn’t quite certain a way to wear them this summer, therefore i made a decision to repurpose them! I cherished the concept of turning them into headbands, however I wished to make associate degree updated version, creating twisted turban headbands.
For those non-sewers, no worries, all you wish area unit a few knots and a few cloth glue. Explore however I turned my favorite scarves in prints of the season, Nahuatl and polka dots, into trendy accessories to stay your hair back because the weather heats up.

DIY Twisted Turban Headband
What you need:
-Hair ties
-Fabric glue
Step 1: Cut 2 strips from your scarf, every 6″ wide. I found that it’s best to use the perimeters of the headscarf to avoid fraying.
Step 2: Fold the 2 long ends of the headscarf strip into the center. Repeat along with your different scarf strip.
Step 3: Interlock your 2 items of cloth.
Step 4: place the hair tie round the ends of the material.
Step 5: Tie your ends in 2 knots onto the hair tie.
Step 6: interrupt excess scarf.
Step 6: Dab worn ends with cloth glue, and then hide glue below the knotted cloth. Done!

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