How to Create Edible Milk-and-Cookies Shot Glasses at Home

Whether you’re fling a children birthday party, a garden barbecue or even a wedding, milk and cookies are always a crowd-pleaser. So why not shake up this conventional dessert and shock your party guests with these edible milk and cookie shot glasses! They are simple to make and a fun craft to make with children. Not to reveal, they are a great deal hipper dessert to include in a youth birthday party or wedding.

Things You’ll Need:-
• Chocolate chip cookie dough
• Chocolate chips
• Silicone shot glass mold
Step 1
Heat your oven while you mix up your cookie dough and spoon into your silicone shape. Create sure to push the dough deep into the mold covering all spaces. Leave the tops of your glasses open.


Step 2
Bake your cookies according to the method. As the mold is pretty deep it can often take a few more minutes than typical area cookies. Let the mold cool finally before removing the cookies. The cookie shots are very easily broken at this stage and need to be removed little by little.
Step 3
Once your cookies have chilled, it is time to stick them so that they can hold milk without becoming sappy. Thaw a bowl of chocolate chips in the microwave. Using a little spoon, drop a dollop of melted chocolate into the middle of each cookie glass. Then apply your finger to spread the chocolate to cover the base and insides of the cookie. Popular your cookies into the fridge for about ten minutes or until the chocolate harden.

Step 5
At this point, your cookie glasses are completed and prepared to be enjoyed.


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