How to Create Your Own Beaded Strappy Sandals with This Easy Embellishing Technique

No summer wardrobe is complete while not a try of embellished sandals. Rather than shopping for a try, why not attempt creating your own? It should take a while, however the customization facet is well worthwhile. Nobody can ever believe that you just created them yourself! Mistreatment glue and wire, you’ll add delicate rows of beads to a basic try of strappy sandals.

– Non-embellished strappy sandals
– Scissors
– Skinny wire
– Seed beads in various colors
– Robust craft glue
– Toothpicks


Seed beads square measure small beads that square measure generally made from glass. Twenty four gauge wire is skinny enough for many seed beads to slip on and off with ease.
1. Mistreatment the pick, add atiny low quantity of glue across the primary strap.
2. Add enough seed beads to fill the dimension of the strap. This can disagree counting on the thickness of every strap and therefore the size of your beads. I used half dozen beads for every row.
3. Lay the row of beads directly onto the glue, and wait a couple of seconds. Rigorously slide the wire out, holding the beads in situ together with your different hand if required. Add another row right beneath the primary and continue adding beads within the same manner.
4. Continue on the strap, dynamic colours as desired. Above, I additional a row of inexperienced when 2 rows of blue.
5. As you progress on the strap, you’ll herald totally different colors in several quantities. This can produce a pattern as everything comes along. Be at liberty to follow the pattern I created by merely investigating the number of specific colored beads in every row.
6. The rise and reduce of gold beads created a diamond form. I followed the diamond with another row of blue, followed by another row of inexperienced to finish the pattern. Here’s a tip: Use over one strand of wire and beads to figure at a faster, a lot of economical pace.
7. Once your pattern is complete, let the beads dry fully.
8. Repeat the method on extra straps; you’ll modification up the pattern if you’d like. I made a decision to make straightforward stripes on the highest straps.
9. Repeat on the opposite facet, and once more on either side of the second shoe. You’ll primarily produce a complete of four sets of beaded patterns.
10. Once all of the beaded patterns have dried in situ, be at liberty to feature a transparent coat of clear nail enamel. this can any secure and shield the beads.
While the technique is fairly straightforward, this project is avowedly tedious and takes a while. However, the result is completely value it! Attempt totally different color combos, or even differing kinds of beads, to make a glance that suits your vogue and style.

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