How to Decorate Your Bicyclewith Stickers, Name and Flag Decals

If you have a bicycle that has served you for long going to and from work or for leisure, it probably needs to be treated better. You can do this by pimping it with things like stickers, personalized paint, or name and flag decals. Read through other ways of personalizing it and how each can be done efficiently.

  1. Decorate with Lights

You can start by strategically placing special reflectors on both tires. They serve a twofold purpose in that they make the bicycle visible to other road users while also setting the bicycle apart from others in a personalized way.

With custom reflectors that have customized shapes, colors, and sizes, you can have your desired personalization without breaking your bank. You can add a myriad of top tube decal to make the pimping more personalized and complete. You can pick such decals and reflectors in your local store or dedicated online and physical stores.

Also, you can use blinking lights. These are stick-on and can make the bicycle more attractive unique, and visible to other road users. While using such lights, however, be informed that they can cause headaches and seizures or affect your eyes.

  1. Use Stickers

Bicycle stickers are some of the best ways of personalizing your ride. You can get creative by using outdoor-use stickers, choose the most fitting application styles as well as the location. Also, you can mix and match the themes and colors if your desire is for a different touch of coloring.

  1. Personalize with Paint

This is the simplest way of decorating and personalizing a bicycle to fit the personality and likes of the owner. It also helps to cover the frames and protect them from rusting, especially for old bikes with worn out paint.

If you want better results, painting a bicycle works wonderfully with vintage and muted colors. These include mint, teal, and seafoam. However, you should try and stick to your desired options as much as possible.

When it comes to selecting the colors to use, try and choose those intended for outdoor use. You can also purchase paints intended for use on bicycles or enlist a paint that is formulated especially for metals. Lastly, you can add a pop of colors by painting your bicycle’s bell with something like neon orange, Pepto-Bismol pink, or any other bright color.

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