How to install jack post properly?

Jack posts are capable of ensuring adjustable leveling of floors and beams, each in new and revamping conditions. Some of these are of one piece while others are designed for either full basements or crawl areas. Both styles provide pinnacle and backside plates with one give up geared up with a protracted adjustable screw bolt. These are highly used at large home development shops. In revamping situations, they’re excellent for getting rid of unwanted sags on lower floors.

If you need to install jack post in your construction process, you need to follow the following steps:

Step 1:

If you need to install one-piece posts, you must use a short post as it will give your instant adjustments. In the case of two-pieces posts, you must use bolts to adjust. 

Step 2 

Stand the jack post vertically below your worksite to be jacked. It is recommended to give out the jacking force over a broad area instead of a single spot. 

Step 3 

Place the top metal plate provided with the jack on top of the screw bolt and start to crank the screw with the crank rod, additionally offered. At this factor, you best need to snug the match. Do no longer start lifting at the moment.

Step 4 

Set up the four-foot degree against the jack post inside the same course of the job. Keep your eyes on each the top and backside windows. If you have got never used a stage earlier than, you will want to faucet the lowest of the post with the hammer in the sort of direction that shall we the bubble circulate to the center of each window. Moreover, keep notifying that the top of the post remains below the beam and does no longer wander.

Step 5 

Drag the level 90 degrees away from your initial placement and then repeat the tapping process like you would have done in step 4. Now, drag the level back to the initial location and then once again tap the bottom of the post. Afterward, you will notice that window which was in aligned is no longer aligned. You will need to get it placed in the right position. You can repeat this process until you notice that the bubble is in center and post is straight. If you need jack posts or guidance of how to install these, you need to take the help of Quality’s Way Products through its official web portal

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