How to install the biggest flagpole?

FiberglassExternal_3_0Well! If you have decided to install the biggest flagpole, then you should be aware of the steps that will give a long life to your flag.

Let’s follow the following steps to get your work done flawlessly:

Step 1: Remove all wrapping substances and place the uncovered pole on cribbing or different wood support on the floor but it must be dry. If the pole is multi Section, cautiously lay sections out in the right order, grouping poles with such as match marks. Sections should be straightly and degree, even as sliding collectively.

Step 2: Then line up matching mark numbers, imprinted at every segment, for an accurate fit. Now lightly sand away any burrs that can be present within the male section or in the upper section of the joint. You can apply a small quantity of lubrication to the male portion of the joint that will help you an easy fitting.

Step 3: Begin with the bottom sections and work towards the top. Start sliding the two sections, rolling the pole by using a 180° with each 2 to a few inches to facilitate a less complicated fit.

 Identify elements and location them along the pole, in keeping with the parts diagram.telescoping

Step 4: Commencing with the final ball, screw the ball’s spindle into the truck. Do no longer grip ball to tighten, grip spindle with vise grips and tighten. Now, tighten all nuts and set screws.

Step 5: Now linked the truck with the ball by screwing into the threaded top of the flagpole. In a case, if a truck is a stationary truck, then make sure to secure or tight all screws.

Step 6: Now tie both ends together forming an entire loop. Space the snap hooks and neoprene covers at equal distance on both aspects of the knot to assemble flag length.

Step 7: Fasten cleat into role using the self-drilling screws supplied.

Step 8: Before you are going to stand flagpole, slide the flash collar up from the lowest and secure at the vicinity of the cleat holes with tape on the bottom of the flash collar to save slipping.

Step 9: Stand flagpole into the previously installed floor sleeve.

Step 10: Once inserted flagpole into the ground sleeve, then plumb flagpole with wooden wedges.

Step 11: Finally, put waterproof cement and silicone and let it dry and caulk with similar color silicone around the flagpole and flash collar to cover the space available between the steel flagpole and the flash collar.

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