How to Install Wall Sconce Lighting

Whether you need extra lighting for your home space or just need a little more visual interest on a wall, light fixture are a great way to improve a room. They can work in so many places: from kitchens, to bathrooms, flanking a bed or adding character to a fireplace.

Things You will Need for Install Wall Sconce Lighting:
1. Sconce light fixture
2. Tape measure
3. Level
4. Pencil
5. Electrical circuit tester
6. 3-1/2″ round electrical box (plastic ‘old work’ box, or metal shallow box)
7. Drywall saw
8. Cable stripper
9. Wire stripper
10. Screwdriver
Step 1: Choose on the Sconce Placement-
Choose the wall place where you want to position the sconce. If you are centering the sconces above a cabinet, use a tape measure and a level to mark a center point line above the cabinet, and have a helper hold the sconce up on the wall to help you visualize the position along this center line.
Step 2: Have Circuit Wires Run-
You will have circuit wires run to the place for the wall sconce lighting fixture by a certified electrician, but that you will be installing the electrical box and connecting the wires to the light fixture yourself. Make sure your electrician understand where you want the light fixture when you teach them.
Use a 3-1/2-inch plastic ‘old work’ box if the sconce will be positioned between studs, or a 1/2-inch-deep round metal box if it will be directly on a stud location.
Step 3: Mark and Cut Your Home Drywall-
First of all make sure the wires run by the electrician are shut off. Use an electrical circuit tester to make sure the wires are dead before proceeding. If they are live, turn off the circuit breaker that controls these wires. Retest to make sure the wires are not active.
Find the mark that you made in Step 1. Using the frame of your electrical box as a guide, draw a cutting circle around the mark that you made. Now use a drywall saw to cut out an opening for the electrical box. Make sure to stay inside the circular lines to ensure that you have a fine fit. Don’t force the saw; just use an easy in and out movement. Pull the electrical cable out through the opening you just cut.
Step 4: Set up the Wires-
Use a cable stripper to remove about 12″ of the outer cover of the electrical cable, then neat away the protective cover on the cable. Now use a wire stripper to remove about 1/2″ of the insulation on each individual wire that was inside the cable.
Step 5: Set up the Electrical Box-
One sconce fell between wall studs; require a plastic ‘old work’ box. The other fell on a stud location, requiring a shallow, 1/2″ deep metal box.

Step 6: Insert the Sconce and Wire-
The increasing information for a sconce light fixture may differ slightly, depending on the fashion of light fixture used. Generally, there will be a metal bracket of some type included with the light fixture kit. Begin by attaching this bracket to the electrical box, using the included screws. Now thread the circuit wires through the center hole in the strap. The next step will be a little tricky. Before you can attach the light fixture to the mounting strap, you’ll need to hold the light fixture in place as you connect the wires.


Finally, smoothly tuck the wires into the electrical box, fit the light fixture housing onto the electrical box, and secure the light fixture with the provided screws. Turn on the circuit breaker controlling the circuit and make sure your light fixture operates.

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