How to make a good health and fitness blog-here are some guidelines

Blogging is extremely popular nowadays. There are a number of interesting and lucrative types of blogs nowadays. Some of them include travel blogs, fashion blogs etc. Apart from these travel blogs and fashion blogs, there have been a number of great health and fitness blogs. These blogs are rapidly gaining popularity since an increasing number of people have become health and fitness conscious.

The first thing to do is find a niche for your blog. The simplest explanation to what a niche is would be that it is a narrow area of a certain wider topic. A niche is not strictly specified in terms of breadth health and fitness blogs have numerous niches, in which you can find:

Weight loss/diet blogs – blogs either giving dieting information or a personal journal of weight loss. These blogs would give you great tips that would help you on how to lose weight.

Healthy living foodie blogs – blogs that are more focused on food, showing pictures or recipes. They would allow you to eat healthy and better, and stick to your diet.

Running blogs – blogs of runners out there blogging their runs, training, and everything related to running. They would help you become a better runner by giving you tips on running, and also help you connect with other runners.

Training blogs – blogs about training tend to be more informational blogs teaching you how to train and also the best way to do it. They might help you learn about the best training equipment, the most efficient ways to train etc.

Fitness professionals – blogs from personal trainers, coaches, etc. who share information and sell their training services. You might be able to find a way to contact the best personal trainers through these types of blogs.

Healthy living blogs – blogs that contain information about all aspects of being healthy.  They would allow you to maintain a healthy lifestyle in general.

Others – there are other blogs out there that don’t neatly fall into these niches yet still would be considered health blogs, others that fall into multiple categories, and even more general categories. They can prove to be really useful if you are looking for something that has not been mentioned in the other categories.

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