How to make Beautiful Valentine’s Day Flowers for your Love

This Valentine’s will definitely make somebody’s day, but your sincere gift can be enjoyed even after the flowers are gone.

Equipment you needed:
1. heart-shaped candy box
2. burlap ribbon
3. twigs
4. red ribbon
5. floral foam
6. succulents
7. flowers and moss
8. plastic garbage bag
9. glue gun
10. scissors

Building the Container:
Create with a heart-shaped cardboard candy box. Using a glue gun, paste the backs of each piece together.

Wrap the Box in Burlap:
Wrap the sides of the heart-shaped box with a burlap ribbon. Use a glue gun to add it, but be alert not to burn your fingers. Packaging the box in burlap helps to cover any printing on the cardboard.

Line up the Box in Twigs:
Cut twigs they are now higher than the burlap ribbon. Apply a glue gun to line the twigs around the box.

Streak the Box with Plastic:
Cut the curve of a plastic trash bag and put the plastic in the box to line it.

Put in the Floral Foam:
Floral foam helps maintain the flowers and succulents in the arrangement clean. Cut the foam in pieces so it fits in the container, and steep the foam in water according to wrap up directions.

Position the Succulents:
Add the stems of the succulents in the floral foam.

Put in the Flowers:
Use the flowers to fill out the shape of the heart within the container, cutting the flower stems and adding them into the floral foam.

Fill in Gaps with Moss:
So fill in gaps with moss.

End Off with Some Ribbon:
To complete the arrangement, add a ribbon around the container.


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