How to Make DIY Lace Trim Plaid Top

With season right round the corner, it’s nearly time to interrupt out those cozy tartan shirts. whereas i like a decent flannel button down, I wished to make a high that might provide the gradual summer-to-fall transition. This project is nice for layering; wear it beneath a chunky cardigan or denim jacket for cozy however cozy season look. If the day warms up, merely sport the highest by itself. the simplest part? you’ll use much any button down shirt that wants a face elevate.

How to Make DIY Lace Trim Plaid Top
-Plaid flannel button down shirt
-Fabric scissors
-Fabric glue
-Foam brush
-Lace trim (at least one yard)
1. to chop off the sleeve, begin at the shoulder seam.
2. bring to an end the sleeve “under” the seam, victimization the shoulder as a guide.
3. Repeat on the other aspect. the perimeters can naturally fray over time, making a distressed look.
4. counting on your most well-liked length bring to an end very cheap 1/4 in. – 1/2 in. of the shirt.
5. on the raw bottom edge, apply cloth glue with the froth brush. Place the shirt on scrap cardboard to assist stop creating a large number.
6. Lay the lace trim directly onto the material glue, pressing down gently with the froth brush.
7. Continue on very cheap edge. add intervals for larger ease and potency.
8. Continue till you reach the other finish of the shirt. If necessary, you’ll apply additional cloth glue on high of the lace trim for those very stubborn spots. Don’t worry, cloth glue dries utterly clear!
9. victimization cloth scissors, trim away excess lace.
Your conclusion are going to be a high that mixes parts of each summer and fall fashion. strive completely different lace trim and shirt combos for a creation that’s all of your own.

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