How to Make DIY Pompom Scarf

Keep heat modish with this fun pompom scarf! Merely take Associate in nursing recent scarf and rework it with the assistance of some pompom trim.

DIY Pompom Scarf
You will need:
1. A scarf
2. Pompom trim
3. Multi-purpose glue
1. Live the length of your scarf. Add 4cm to the present measure and cut 2 items of pompom trim thereto length.
2. On the sting of the headscarf, apply a strip of glue within the same dimension because the pompoms trim. Be generous because it can dry clear and desires to carry the pompom trim in situ.
3. At the ends of the pompom trim, fold 1cm of the trim beneath before getting down pressing the pompom trim over the glue. Repeat this for the highest and bottom fringe of the headscarf and permit it to dry long.

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