How to Make Rose Hearts for propose day at home

Propose Day is the second day in the Valentine week starting from February 7-14. Propose day is celebrated on February 8, every year. On this day large number of youngsters give roses to propose their girlfriend, boyfriend, relative and friend. How to Make this propose day is best for your sweetheart.

What you need for make rose hearts:
Make this sweet heart for your sweetheart.
• Tracing paper
• Floral oasis foam
• Tacky glue
• Water
• Pie tin
• Small roses in desired color
• Sharp knife
• Fresh lemon leaves
• Pins

How to Make Rose Hearts for propose day at home
Step 1:-
1. Take floral oasis foam and cut out the heart shape.
Step 2:-
2. Set the pattern over the oasis and cut out the heart shape. Put water in the pie tin and soak the oasis in water for about 1/2 hour. Cut off heads of roses and put into the oasis, filling in gap as strongly as possible.

Step 3:-
3. After the whole oasis is full with flower heads, turn the heart on its side and pin lemon leaves around the sides, overlapping as required. Go on until the oasis is completely covered.

4. Place the floral heart on a tumbler or best china plat.

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