HomeFrontMagnetizer is one of the best water treatment solutions. These water conditioning systems run on a patented design, specially researched and developed to improve water and energy efficiency in homes, buildings, industrial plants, air conditioning systems, and public swimming pools.

Did you know that you could be contributing to global warming without even realizing it? Did you know that your home water system could be contributing to the increasing emission of greenhouse gases? Many people don’t realize how big an impact their water system has on their lives and the environment as a whole. You could be spending two to three times more money than you should because of your inefficient water systems. Furthermore, hard water could be making you spend more money than you should. Read on to find out what hard water is and how you can fight it.

 Hard water is water that has a very high concentration of dissolved minerals, especially calcium and magnesium. These minerals usually come from the soil and rocks as the water moves through them. The presence of these minerals in your water could increase the quantity of soap you need to make lather and foam. This could lead to you spending more on surfactants like soap, shampoos, and dishwasher liquids.

Additionally, the presence of these minerals in your water can alter its chemical properties. This means that your water systems (Heating, cooling, refrigeration) will have to do more work to give you the same results. All of this increased labor can lead to as much as a 40% increase in your electricity bill. That’s a steep price to pay for some calcium and magnesium minerals.

The buildup of these chemicals could incur significant expenses in pipe maintenance, repair, and replacement. This is because the calcium in hard water reacts with the air as it travels through the pipes. This reaction then gives rise to limescale that can clog your pipes, and reduce your home water pressure. You may eventually have to replace your pipes altogether.

Even though hard water is not a health risk, it could cost you the same as a hospital bill in the long run. You can avoid all of this by getting one of the best water softeners.  In contrast to your high-cost low-efficiency systems, your home will benefit greatly from an affordable saltless water softener. It is responsible for emissions reduction and can give you the benefit of having less chlorine swimming pools.

Besides lowering your overall expenses, a water quality improvement system like Magnetizer is good for the environment. By reducing your energy expenditure, you limit the amount of Carbon Monoxide, HC, Nitrogen Oxide, and NOx (Nitrogen dioxide and nitric oxide) that are released. Increasing the efficiency of your water systems can greatly reduce the amount of these gases in the environment, and augment your carbon footprint.

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