Hypnosis Therapy To Help You Quit Smoking

We all must have come across slogans such as “Smoking is injurious to health” or “Smoking leads to cancer”. Haven’t we? But, do we actually do something about it? Not really! Smoking is an addiction and does not go away easily.

It is no less than an evil, who doesn’t leave you at all. Though a lot of individuals think about quitting smoking, but to their surprise, they fail to do it every time. A lot of medications and alternative therapies have been constituted, yet minimal success rates have been achieved. If you look around, cigarette smoking has been banned from every public area, yet the number of patients suffering from cancer and other diseases have not gone down. Cessation of smoking is not only imperative for an addicted person but also helps in controlling passive smoking. Passive smoking also affects healthy individuals and they start developing tar within their lungs.

Of late, Quit Smoking Hypnosis is quite widely practised to curb smoking habits and make it cease within an individual. You must be wondering how could hypnosis help in building a strong dislike towards the habit which have been giving you ultimate pleasure all these years? Quite confusing, isn’t it? Well, similar to many conditioned responses, smoking is also another one in the list. For instance, we could understand using a reference from an infant. When an infant gets restless, his or her mother puts a nipple in the mouth which pacifies him or her for some duration. A calm state can be reinstated and the baby goes to sleep. This scenario is repeated on a daily basis where this infant’s mind gets programmed to a nipple. Whenever, it goes into his or her mouth, the baby gets relaxed and derives pleasure from it. Well, as per medical psychology, this is a conditioned response. Another reference is Ivan Pavlov’s experiment on a dog, where he salivates on a ring of a bell. With no ring, no salvation occurs.

Based on conditioned responses which could be developed over time, Stress Relief Hypnosis can also lead to smoking cessation. When you face a tense or an anxious situation, you crave for something; Here that something has been a cigarette stick. Having said that, Hypnotherapy eliminates the feeling of tension that pushes a smoker to smoke a cigarette and derive pleasure and relaxation.

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