IB Schools in Bangalore – Why IBDP is a popular curriculum to pursue

Best IB Schools in Bangalore is one of the popular curriculums in the world. Let us explore the reasons behind popularity of IBDP with international schools in Bangalore.

Why IBDP is a popular curriculum to pursue?

It is a two year curriculum that is offered for students in class 11 and 12 in Best international schools in Electronic City that have the IBO accreditation.  The good thing about IBDP curriculum is that it allows students to select a subject of their choice, provides curriculum uniformity, teaches methodology, and encourages faculty development.

According to top 10 international schools in Bangalore, the focus of the program is on helping students improve in their studies by applying their knowledge and utilizing assessment practices in place.

Main Elements of IBDP Curriculum

Let us look at 3 main elements of IBDP curriculum.

As per best IB schools in Bangalore, one of the elements of IBDP program is the theory of knowledge. Here students reflect on knowledge they have gained and whether they have is up to the mark.

There is extended essay that is a form of self-directed research paper consisting of four thousand words.

According to top international schools in Bangalore South, the third element consists of a project in which they have to elaborate of three concepts; service, activity, and creativity.






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