IGCSE Curriculum& Its Benefits – A Detailed Redbridge Academy Reviews

There are many reasons why parents prefer to admit their kids in a school which follows IGCSE curriculum. In the next few sections we will be reviewing the features as well as benefits of pursuing the IGCSE curriculum.

Why pursue IGCSE curriculum?

Useful Features

IGCSE curriculum started twenty-five years ago and is now considered one of the most trusted and valued curriculums all over the world. As per Redbridge International school reviews Bangalore, the primary focus of this curriculum is development of proper communication skills in students, problem solving skills, investigative capabilities, and cognitive abilities.

Another point worth mentioning here is that this curriculum lets students choose from over 70 subjects. According to Redbridge Academy reviews, it is better to get admission in a IGCSE curriculum based school as the curriculum functions like a strong foundation for courses students pursue at higher levels like the IB Diploma program. Moreover, the IGCSE qualification has received recognition from many of the well reputed institutions around the world.

Advantages of Pursuing IGCSE Curriculum

There are several advantages of undergoing IGCSE curriculum, let us go through the details here in this Redbridge International school reviews.

  1. Recognized by universities and colleges across the world.
  2. Avail better study and career options.
  3. CCP or Cambridge Check Point, a diagnostic service available to IGCSE students. According to Redbridge Academy Bangalore, CCP lets students choose their level of study and subjects.


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