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If you want to gain financial freedom then making the right investments will be quite important. As such, let us look at some of the popular investment options you can select from and maximize returns you are able to earn from your investments. Review of Popular Investment Options

ULIPS | NPS | PPF | Stocks

ULIPs or Unit Linked Insurance Plans

According to Indian Money CEO, good thing about ULIP is that they offer investment benefits along with risk coverage.

When you purchase a ULIP, it gives you the flexibility of allocating investments in various asset classes. Moreover, it is possible to make an investment as per your risk tolerance level.

NPS or National Pension Scheme

Started by government, it is a type of savings scheme for retirement and its goal is promoting systematic savings. As an investor, you have two options to select from, one is auto choice and the other is active choice.

  1. Active Choice: Here, 50% of the investment is made in equity products and the balance amount is invested in corporate and government bonds.
  2. Auto Choice:As per Indian Money C S Sudheer, in auto choice, investment comprises of a mix of government and corporate bonds. The mix of investment is decided according to age of the investor.

PPF or Public Provident Fund

Indian Money Bangalore advices people to invest in PPF since you get tax benefits by investing money in the same under Section 80C. Additionally, you get the assurance of earning high interest rate on this type of investment.


IndianMoney review of investment options will remain incomplete if we do not mention something about stocks. By purchasing stocks, you get ownership rights in a company as well as profit share. They are risky but if properly managed, they provide good returns.


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