Indian Money Review of Different Types of Debentures

Want to know more about different types of debentures you can select from? Go through this Indian Money review of debentures to know all the details.

Indian Money Review of Types of Debentures

Unsecured Debentures

As per Indian Money Bangalore, these do not provide any type of security for assets.  You can compare them to unsecured creditors and you will have similar rights like unsecured creditors have.

Secured Debentures

These are the kind of debentures that get higher security as compared to company’s assets. In case, company is not able to pay debenture interest then according to review, the debenture holders have the right to sell assets for recovering their dues.

Bearer Debentures

Here you are able to buy bearer debentures for a certain amount of money. You are entitled to claim interest from issuing company as soon as the interest becomes due.

Registered Debentures

When this type of debenture is purchased, your name gets into a register. Person whose name is in the register is sent the interest coupons.

Redeemable Debentures

These can be redeemed after a certain point of time and it is only possible to redeem them after a certain period expires.

Convertible Debentures

If you have these debentures then you get the right of converting them to equity after a specific period of time.


Zero Interest Debentures

As per Indian Money reviews, on these you are not entitled to get any kind of interest. The compensation is in the form of conversions of these debentures into equity shares.


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