Indian Money Reviews – 5 Investment Tips for Women to Start Financial Journey


It’s immaterial if a lady is hitched or not. It’s essential she assumes responsibility for her accounts. Money related arranging is as imperative for ladies as it is for men. Ladies need to take different breaks from their profession. They need to chase for new jobs after marriage on migrating to another place, return to work after a maternity leave, confront gender discrimination at work, acknowledge a lesser pay than their male partners and quit working when it’s essential.

Let us check some statistics vis-a-vis financial inclusion of women in India. The Global Findex Survey 2017 conducted by the World Bank, provides information on financial inclusion and behavior across countries. Findex 2017 estimates that compared to 2014 and 2011 where just 43% and 26% of women had a bank account, 77% of Indian women now have a bank account. These numbers show that women are more financially included than ever before.

Every woman has some savings of her own, be it from salary or from the monthly budget allocated to the household. But are savings and investments the same thing? That’s what women in rural areas believe. As far as women working in the formal economy are concerned, they do see the difference but don’t actually do much about it. Women should understand that just opening a bank account or investing in simpler financial instruments won’t reap great returns. The portfolio needs to evolve and must be constantly monitored.

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