Indian Money reviews what to do if you transfer money to a wrong bank account?

Transfer of money to a different bank account will certainly be a serious issue for everyone. IndianMoney checks what you should do if such a thing happens.

  1. Inform the bank

As per Indian Money review, if you have typed the wrong bank account number while transferring money and the account number you entered does not exist, the amount will be reversed back to your account automatically.

In case there is a valid account number, the transaction will take place and the amount cannot be reversed without the beneficiary’s approval.  In such a case you need to contact the bank as soon as possible and put a complaint that the money has been transferred by mistake.

If the recipient has account profile in the same branch, the bank will contact the recipient on your behalf and request a reversal. If the recipient account is in some other bank or branch, the bank will help you by providing the contact details of the beneficiary or will help you get in touch with the branch manager.

  1. Meet the branch manager and raise a complaint

According to Indian Money company, if the recipient bank account is at some other bank or branch, only the bank where the recipient holds the account can resolve the issue. All you have to do is meet the branch manager personally or send him a mail requesting necessary action to be taken. review says that you need to attach the screenshot of the transaction as proof.

  1. Take legal action Bangalore suggests that if the unintended beneficiary refuses to give back your money, taking legal action against him can help recover the amount.,26.htm

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