IndianMoney Review of Pros Of Buying Insurance Online

What are the benefits of purchasing insurance online? Let us delve into the details in the following sections.

  1. Ease and convenience

As per IndianMoney review, you can buy insurance policies online at the convenience of home, office or even while traveling. Many insurance companies have chat bots which suggest insurance policies on the basis of needs.

All the details of the policy are documented and you will have enough time to go through and choose the best. In the case of online insurance, you will be filling in all personal information yourself. So, there will be fewer chances of errors.

To buy an insurance policy online, all you have to do is visit the official website of the insurance company or Indian Money company website, provide the required details and make payment, online.

Note: As per Indian Money Company Profile, proposal form should be filled by policyholder himself.

  1. Lower premium

Buying an insurance policy online can help save a lot of money as the premium of online insurance policies are low, when compared to policies bought offline. Usually, many insurance companies offer online policies at around 30-40% discount.

According to Indian Money Company Bangalore, this is mainly because in the case of online insurance, there are no intermediaries or agents between the insurance company and customers. As insurance companies don’t have to spend on agent commission and paperwork, they save a lot of money and this benefit is directly passed on to customers.

  1. Easy comparison

There are a lot of insurance companies who offer multiple policies. It is quite difficult to choose the best policy.  But, with an online insurance purchase, you can reviews policies offered by various insurers and choose the best. There are also many websites which help avail policies offered by various insurers.

  1. There is no headache of mis-selling

You might be aware of various complaints where insurance policies are mis-sold by the agents, to earn high commission. But, in the case of online policies, mis-selling is not possible as you will be dealing directly with the insurance companies and there are no agents involved.

  1. Higher Sum Assured

Most of the insurance policies which are being sold online, offer high sum assured vis-a-vis offline policies. Indian Money review says that the insurance policy which you avail must have sufficient sum assured.


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