Inherently Different Designs in Cynthia Ann Jewels

Represented by the finished designs of many modern designers, you will come across some ultra-modern and minimalist elements. There’s nothing wrong with that at all – in fact, in some ways, minimalism, brutalism, and ultra modernism are a refreshing break from some of the traditional styles that preceded them. Where once designers labored to create perfectly cut, faceted and polished pieces of jewelry, those that came after them took away from the mold and let the mind wander on the vacancy rather than on the fullness of the design. That allows the creative imagination to wander, and it gives a lot of power to the perception and appreciation of a piece of jewelry.

Be that as it may, there has been somewhat of a saturation of designers keying in on these principles in recent years, by recent being the last 50 or so. At this point, these things that were new have been made old once more, and when something gets “played out” so to speak, it loses its edge.

There are those who believe that there is nothing truly new under the sun and take an ecclesiastical approach to their view of the world. Some of those people use that as a defeatist excuse, and others use it as a way to distill inspiration from the void. The latter cohort is the ones who can, and have, turned that approach into art.

One of these designers is Cynthia Ann, creator of Cynthia Ann Jewels. Inspired by the grief of personal loss, Cynthia Ann came across an old coin that gave her memory solace. From that experience, she realized that there is a balm in the things of old. Old things were once young as the young are today, and those that are young seem not to know that the old were once where they are.

The cycle of loss, pain, and forgetfulness is a powerful one that has deeply inspired every vein of art in our world. Cynthia Ann Jewels give purpose to old designs and make them new again. It is a balm for soreness and a breath of fresh air to lungs that have grown used to stale air.

In her fine jewelry, you will uncover a true trove of wonders that take the form of old coins, jewels, and artifacts that she has repurposed and reinvigorated with life. She takes things that were once old and lost and restores them to their youth, to their primacy. In her collections of earrings and pendants, you will find aged coins and trinkets that have been utterly restored to a luster that one would have never noticed in them had they not been handled with such love and care.

Cynthia Ann Jewelry is more than just a collection to serve as a reminder that there is beauty in all things waiting to be found. It is a reminder of the cycle of youth and age, life and death, and a sweet balm to those in need of comfort.

Few designers breathe such a complete mix of care and love into their designers, and Cynthia Ann is one of them. That makes her collection not only objectively beautiful but highly covetous, and so it can be difficult to find some of her designs.

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