Untitled-1If you’ve ever needed to buy or install a flagpole, then you understand that you need truly quality service to make that happen. You can’t choose just any service; you need a business that has the right combination of expertise, patriotism, and customer service. You need flagpoles etc. Not only do they supply and install flagpoles, they also sell flags. They have all you could ever need from a flagpole supplier.

Speaking of flagpoles, they are such consistent structures that you might be tempted to believe that the straight tall ones are the only kinds available. However, this is not the case. Here are some flagpole designs you’ve probably never come across before.

Telescoping flagpoles

When you hear of a telescope, you might think of the equipment that scientists use to look into the stars, and gaze at the universe. After all, telescopes have given us some pretty amazing discoveries. On the other hand, if you’re thinking of a feature rather than a piece of equipment, then you may be closer to home. Just like the old fashioned telescopes that can extend and shorten, telescoping flagpoles start small, have the ability to extend higher and higher. They are very handy and helpful pieces of equipment, often used in place of some of the biggest flagpole designs around.

The lunar flagpole

One particular custom flagpole that deserves a mention is the one used in the moon landing. Instead of using one of the 100-200’ Flagpoles, NASA decided to go with one that was about 66 inches long. The short height was to make it easier for the astronauts to carry and mount. The most peculiar thing about the lunar flag is that it stays straight, even though there is no actual air in space. NASA anticipated this lack of atmosphere, and had a special flagpole designed. The lunar flag has a horizontal latch mechanism that keeps on from drooping, and ripples that make the flag appear to be flying even though it isn’t. The ripples were as a result of the horizontal latch jamming. Whether or not the moon landing was faked as some conspiracy theories claim, one thing is for sure−this flagpole is a cool piece of engineering design.

Wall mounting flagpoles

Most flagpoles have their bases in the ground for support, so that no matter how tall they are, they always have a strong base. The whole structure is then cemented into the ground. This method is particularly effective because it keeps the flagpole from drooping or leaning over. However, some flag poles circumvent this entire support process, and are mounted on the wall instead. Unlike traditional flagpoles, their bases are flat, and can be screwed or nailed into place. Even though these flagpoles are not as tall as traditional ones, they have their own advantages−they are perfect for situations where there isn’t enough room for a traditional flagpole.

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