International schools in Bangalore – School Infrastructure & Quality Education


If infrastructure facilities are good in a school then they have a positive effect on students and also on education quality. In this review we will check the advantages of good school infrastructure.

School Infrastructure and Its Importance

School Attendance

Researches studies show that international schools in Bangalore south tend to have alarming drop-out rates if infrastructure facilities are not good.

Moreover, these facilities effect attendance and school completion rate that students have in such schools. Additionally, if conditions are good then they help in increasing school registrations.

Stimulus for Instructors

Data from research performed in different nations highlights the fact that ICSE schools in Bangalore that boast of superior infrastructure facilities has lower teacher absenteeism rate. Studies also reveal that mentors focus more on these facilities and less on their salaries.

Better Performance

When international schools in Electronic City make available excellent infrastructure facilities, it improves learning process. This in turn, helps leaners achieve better results.

Increased Concentration

If ICSE schools near Electronic City have higher noise level then it negatively affects performance level of both teachers and students. Such noise also moves stress level up for students and results in dissatisfaction.

Better Environment for Studies

If IGCSE schools in Electronic City are crowded then it hampers studies, results in distraction, and makes it hard for teachers to focus on all the students in the class.


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