Interviewing A Miami DUI Lawyer to Assess their Suitability

Have you been charged with DUI and are looking for a Miami DUI lawyer? If so, brace yourself for a toughdecision-making process if you need to get the right one. However, all should never be lost with the following takeaway points on the questions to ask a DUI lawyer before hiring them.

  1. When Assessing Their Background and Experience

The questions that you ask here will help you to filter and get the best abogado criminalista Miami from a longer list. The questions include:

  • Which school did you attend?
  • When did you graduate and with what qualifications?
  • How many DUI clients have you handled so far?
  • How manysimilar DUI cases do you handle in a month/year?
  • Are you a member of any bar or professional organization?
  • How often do your DUI cases go for a trial?
  • Assessing your Case

Before an abogado DUI Miami takes over your case, they need to understand it better. You can pose the following questions to assess their understanding of your case.

  • What factors work in my favor?
  • What factors work against me?
  • Do you suggest a guilty plea? Will a plea agreement be a possibility?
  • Should we consider going for a trial?
  • What should be my expectations at each stage of the trial, including, filing of motions, motions hearing, arraignment, disposition, and trial?
  • Assessing their Case Management

The terms case management are used by DUI attorneys to describe the way they will handle your case. As a client, it is highly crucial that you know the logistics and steps to take behind the scenes to avoid misunderstandings. You can ask some of the most relevant questions including:

  • Will you be available to represent me when the time comes?
  • Do you intend to delegate the case to someone else? If yes who will you delegate it to? May I meet them then?
  • In court, will you represent me or there will be someone else? If it is the latter, who will be representing me? Can I meet them and when do I do it?
  • What are your preferred modes of communication and contact?
  • Whom do I get in touch with for questions and clarifications? How quickly should I expect a response in case I make an inquiry?
  • Will I be receiving regular updates about my case? If yes, how often will that be and what will they include?

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