Who Should Invest in Liquid Funds – C. S. Sudheer Review

There are many liquid funds that investors can utilize. Here, in this C. S. Sudheer review we will analyze type of investors who should invest in liquid funds.

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Given below is the list of investors who must invest in Liquid Funds based on financial goals:

Suitable for investors with low risk profile: As per IndianMoney dot com CEO C. S. Sudheer, the Liquid Funds are suitable for investors who want to park their money for a very short time and enjoy protection of capital. The liquid funds are a good investment option for people who do not want to compromise on returns yet enjoy low risk. Securities with short tenure are less volatile and more predictable.

Suitable for Investors with short term goals: Sudheer Indian Money review shows that investors who want to meet short-term goals can invest in Liquid Funds. They can park idle money and earn inflation beating returns on the deposits. Short term refers to a period of less than a year and Liquid Funds are ideal options for short term goals as they are less volatile vis-a-vis riskier products.

Suitable for Investors wanting to build an emergency fund: According to C. S. Sudheer review Bangalore, you can invest in liquid funds to build an emergency fund. These funds invest in money market instruments and are suitable even for a short-term investment horizon of less than 90 days.

Suitable for Investors who seek diversification: Liquid Funds work great for investors looking for diversification. If you have a very short time horizon of say 3 months, then Liquid funds are the best bet. Liquid Funds offer higher returns vis-a-vis savings bank accounts.

Suitable for Investors with liquidity needs: CS Sudheer complaints division has found that liquid Funds are suitable for investors who need money at short notice.


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